"Do What You Say You'll Do"
The essential book for aspiring managers and leaders

"Do What You Say You'll Do and other tools to LEAD courageously" will give you practical tools that will help you plan how to lead your team. This is a book for new leaders who don't know where to start, or for those who have been at it for while who want to try some new tools and techniques.

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Why you should read this book

There are a lot of misconceptions around what leadership actually is. Many people have the Richard Branson model of leadership in mind – and think that is somewhat unattainable. This book will debunk the myths that there is only one sort of leadership personality, with charisma and good looks, and that leadership is about being in a fancy office with a fancy suit. This book will also address these common fears:

  • "I'm not good enough: when will they discover I'm a fraud?"
  • "How do I give feedback to my mates?"
  • "I hate speaking in front of a group ..."
  • "How do I manage expectations, both good and bad?"
  • "What if I fail?"
  • "Do I need to be tough?"



Do What You Say You'll Do will give you practical tools that will help you plan how to lead your team. A lot of new leaders just don't know where to start and then it all becomes too hard. This book will enable you to find your authentic voice: what makes you who you are and play to your strengths. This book is not about making you into something that you're not. It's about giving you tools that great leaders use and showing you that no matter who you are, you can use them too.


The book has some amazing contributions from leadership experts around Australia and interviews with leaders such as Dr Fiona Wood (one of Australia's most innovative and respected surgeons and researchers) and Brian Cook (CEO of Geelong Football Club). You will get to learn from what has worked (and not worked) for others, and see how that applies to your life and your leadership journey.


The learning doesn't end when you finish the book. Once the book is published, the resources page goes live on the website. Each chapter has supplementary resources to access including full interviews with some of the people that have been interviewed for this book.


This is not your typical academic tome, or dry leadership book. This won't lecture you, or require that you have a dictionary next to you to understand what is being written. It's been written so that it is accessible and easy to read. It is also written in easy to digest sections so that you can read it on your way to work, or over a quick sandwich at lunch.

About Tammy Tansley

The first question that people always ask is why did you write this book?

I wrote this book for a number of my coaching clients who were looking for a book that gave them practical tools and solid theory without the waffle of academia and the ra ra of the inspirational books.. We couldn’t find a book that gave them that balance, so I wrote it!!

I have worked with amazing, experienced and inspiring leaders, and those that are just starting out. I have worked with leaders who bring their teams on extraordinary change journeys and those who view leadership as a chore to be tolerated. This book is the consolidation of all those experiences, good and bad!

I have over 25 years experience in HR, including five years running my own HR practice. I have worked in Australia and overseas, in large organisations and with tiny businesses; public sector, private and not for profit!

My style is straightforward and pragmatic, and that is how you will find the style of the book. It is written as if we were sitting across from each other with a coffee, talking about your leadership issues and challenges, and what you could do about them.

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