Praise for “Do What You Say You’ll Do”

This is an important book for anyone trying to understand what the hell leadership means today. In a world full of competing pet theories and ongoing questioning of the meaning and value of leadership, Tansley shines a light on what it means to be a successful leader in this day and age.

While Do What You Say You’ll Do is as well grounded in research and theory as any serious management text, its common sense approach and easy to read style make it accessible to both experts and practitioners alike.

Tansley’s advice that normal people can be leaders is gold. Leadership is not some unique gift of the gods given to a blessed few. Tansley’s insights demonstrate that almost anyone can lead if they keep it real and learn a bit about themselves and others. Whether you want to lead well or be well led, this book will help you understand how to bring out the best in yourself and others in a way that is authentic, permanent and real.

—Dr Brendan Shaw, Assistant Director General,
International Federation of Pharmaceutical
Manufacturers and Associations, Geneva, Switzerland

I’ve had the privilege to witness Tammy’s knowledge and skills firsthand and have known about this book since it was in the idea phase. Of course I couldn’t wait to read it. The best part is that it’s written with empathy for the leaders it’s designed to help. In Do What You Say You’ll Do, Tammy combines experience and deep knowledge, then distills them into practical lessons that have guided the countless leaders she has worked during her successful career. Not a word is wasted, full of thought provoking takeaways and action inducing questions to set you on the path to becoming the leader you always wanted to be.
—Bernadette Jiwa, Best Selling Author of  Make Your Idea Matter, the Fortune Cookie Principle, Difference, and Marketing : a Love Story

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A thought provoking and insightful read. Tammy has distilled the best in contemporary leadership thinking in a very concise and approachable way. Highly recommended for both aspiring and experienced leaders.

—Martin Wandmaker, Head of Human Resources,
Automotive Holdings Group

Do What You Say You’ll Do sets the new leader up to create positive impact across all their zones of influence. The author shares a great toolkit that will enable leaders to adopt the mindsets, drivers, attributes, behaviours and skills required to lead self and others to great success. An incredible resource for all new leaders.

—Paula Flynn Global Executive Coach and
Leadership Development Consultant

This book is conversational, human, intimate, business savvy, direct, sensible and a very straightforward read. Well grounded research from the classic leadership thinkers is woven with direct personal experience. This leads to day to day good advice, signposting to more material for those interested in learning further and a coaching style of questioning for the reader to self assess/self coach, think for self and create a personally chosen way forward. Particularly useful for the first time leader (exactly where the book is aimed) and also a very good reminder for those who have more experience as a leader and could benefit from a leadership stock take.
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Format: Paperback

“Do as you say you’ll do” is spot on in its coverage of the essential elements and challenges of developing leadership and importantly sustainable leadership. Grounded in research, real life leadership examples and Tammy’s expertise in the field, it is best described as practical guide and toolkit.

If an author can get a coaching approach and their own ‘authentic voice’ into a book, Tammy has achieved this with an interactive style asking the reader to contemplate many important questions for their own leadership journey and offering opportunity to further their leadership learning through reference to valuable research, resources, and activities. A brilliant resource and a great read!

5.0 out of 5 stars concise, thought provoking and inspiring 21 June 2015
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This is the first book I’ve ever read on the topic of leadership and I’m not actually sure I need to read another. Tammy Tansley has managed to cover so much in such a concise way and answered questions before I even realised I had them. The knowledge and research is presented in a simple and straightforward manner and I loved the inclusion of so many links and recommendations on where to dig deeper into each chapter. It is clear that leadership is a topic she has a broad understanding of and has done a brilliant job of distilling all that information into an enjoyable and inspiring read.

This book would be ideal for anyone who finds themselves in any sort of leadership role and is aware that they want to consciously lead in the best way they can. That’s what I loved about this book. It’s an ‘anyone can do this’ approach that doesn’t rely on simply following a list of things to do or not do, but rather presenting a lot of the psychology of why to explain and inspire. I’m sure I’ll refer to this book often as new leadership issues arise for me and having just finished am looking forward to exploring the extra resources on the website. Would definitely recommend.

Format:Kindle Edition
This book is jam packed full of useful guidance, resources and directly applicable tools for managers and leaders who are new and experienced. Tammy Tansley inspires the reader to want to be a better leader, then gives tactical instruction on how to get there. Do what you say you”ll do is an interesting, insightful and enjoyable read for all. You don’t have to be in a formal leadership position to get value out of this book. Definitely recommend it as a handbook to keep close throughout your career.