Part 3: Changing Perceptions

A good leader shoulders the blame,  but shares the credit. Both talking and walking with staff engenders loyalty and trust. 

– Megan Quinn.

Dr Adam Fraser explains the Third Space

Watch Dr Adam Fraser explain the Third Space on this funny (and sadly accurate) animation video.

Watch Dr Fraser explain The Third Space now

The Business Case for Trust

The Victorian Leadership Development Centre’s post on the Business Case for Trust.

Read: The Business Case for Trust

Dr Adam Fraser

Check out Dr Adam Fraser’s website which has some great resources on the “Third Space” concept.

View Dr Adam Fraser’s Website

Speed of Trust Book Summary

The official executive summary of The Speed of Trust written by Stephen M.R Covey.

Download the official Speed of Trust Book Summary

About the book

Do What You Say You’ll Do is the essential book for new leaders or those wishing to reinvent their leadership style. It’s practical and easy to read, and full of wisdom from leadership experts and coaches.

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