Part 2: Tool #3: Communicate, communicate, communicate

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

George Bernard Shaw

21 Public Speaking Tips for Leaders

21 tips from Public Speaking Expert, David Koutsoukis

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The One Simple Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Communication Skills

Tammy Tansley’s one simple tip that will make a huge difference to the way that you communicate.

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Great Communication

Tammy Tansley writes a series of tips on what makes for great communication.

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Combating Negative Bias in Communication

Tammy Tansley shares research from Daniel Goleman that shows the inherent bias in the way that email communication is received.

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Are Your Messages Being Heard?

A New York Times blog on how to overcome communication roadblocks.

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Do What You Say You’ll Do is the essential book for new leaders or those wishing to reinvent their leadership style. It’s practical and easy to read, and full of wisdom from leadership experts and coaches.

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