Part 2: Tool #6: Feedback: Right Place, Right Time, Right Way

We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.

Bill Gates.

Radical Candor

Possibly the best article I have ever read on giving feedback! If you read nothing else, I implore you to read this.

Read: Radical Candor

Interview between Justin Langer and James Lush

An interview with Justin Langer (Head Coach of the Australian Cricket Team) and James Lush on leadership.

Watch The Interview with Justin Langer now

BullShift Principles

Andrew Horabin’s manifesto on healthy workplaces, good communication and excellent feedback.

Download Andrew’s Bull Shift Principles

Brene Brown’s Manifesto on Feedback

Brene Brown‘s (author of Daring Greatly) manifesto on engaged feedback.

Download Brene’s Greatly Engaged Feedback manifesto

Praise Publicly and Criticise in Private

Tammy Tansley’s post on giving effective feedback – using Justin Langer’s tip above.

Read: Praise Publicly, Criticise Privately

Top Tips on Effective Performance Management

Tammy Tansley’s post on making performance management an effective process for all involved.

Read: Top Tips for Effective Performance Management

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