Part 1: So, What is a Leader?

While leadership is hard to define, its absence is keenly felt.

Matt Church

The fabulous Brene Brown – Dare to Lead

All sorts of free resources available on leadership, courage and leading your best, true life.

Dare to Lead – Brene Brown

Simon Sinek TED Talk: “Why good leaders make you feel safe”

Simon Sinek is an expert on leadership. He’s written several books and had some great TED talks. This is one of them.

Watch Simon’s TED talk now

Simon Sinek’s website

Simon Sinek is the author of “Start with Why” and other leadership classics. His website is well worth a look.

Visit Simon Sinek’s website

Maggie Dent’s website

One of the people I interviewed for the book is Maggie Dent.

Maggie is an educator, author and parenting and resilience specialist who has has written seven books, full of common-sense wisdom on parenting and life. Her website is full of great resources.

Visit Maggie Dent’s website

Interview with Brian Cook

Brian Cook is a five time AFL premiership CEO, and knows a thing or two about leadership. Read our interview here.

Brian Cook on Leadership

Interview with Maggie Dent

The book is dotted with excerpts from the interview with Maggie; read the full interview here.

Maggie Dent on Leadership

About the book

Do What You Say You’ll Do is the essential book for new leaders or those wishing to reinvent their leadership style. It’s practical and easy to read, and full of wisdom from leadership experts and coaches.

About Tammy Tansley

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