Part 4: Your Legacy

As times change ever more rapidly, it is ever easier for us to fulfil Andy Warhol’s prediction that we will all be famous for fifteen minutes. But it is ever more difficult to be remembered for fifteen years.

– Max Landsberg.

Your Leadership Legacy

A free questionnaire to take on your leadership legacy.

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About the book

Do What You Say You’ll Do is the essential book for new leaders or those wishing to reinvent their leadership style. It’s practical and easy to read, and full of wisdom from leadership experts and coaches.

About Tammy Tansley

Tammy works with organisations and individuals to enable great people performance. She has worked around the world with large businesses, not for profits, government and private sector organisations. She is currently the Principal of Tammy Tansley Consulting and co owner of Help Me HR. She is a mum to two young mischiefs. She runs, she blogs, and she likes to eat good food.